Business English for Residential Real Estate (USA)


Real Estate

Buying a home is a big investment.  Business English for Residental Real Estate (USA), written by Robert Toryak, places key vocabulary terms, acronyms, and concepts in the hands of those who need the vocabulary–  when and where they need it. The language of mortgage finance and home ownership has been given the ExecuSpeak Dictionary® treatment. Each term is described in plain English and then used in sentence. Perfect for buyers, sellers, and those who work with them.

The dictionary is organized alphabetically with 12 subject matter indexes. Use the book to learn the basic meaning of a term. Add to your understanding by seeing the term in its subject or business context.

The 12 Subject Matter Indexes Include:

  • Agent / Agency
  • Construction
  • Exterior
  • Finance
  • Government
  • Interior
  • Legal Documents
  • Legal Terms
  • Measurement
  • Services
  • Uses
  • Zoning
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