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The Original ExecuSpeak Dictionary

ExecuSpeak Dictionary® is dedicated to anyone who has ever been frustrated or confused by American Business English, because Business is another language.

Most dictionaries provide grammatical information, primary definition, alternative definitions, and more.  While business dictionaries are organized by subject, such as 1000 Marketing Terms, Accounting Dictionary, or Investment Terms You Need to Know, ExecuSpeak Dictionary definitions take into account that the language of business is dependent on context and frequently uses common language in special ways.

ExecuSpeak Dictionary® is a cross-section of over 500 commonly used terms that are described in plain English and then used in a sample sentence.

The dictionary is organized alphabetically with 18 subject matter indexes. You may use the book to learn the basic meaning of a term and also add to your understanding by seeing the term in its subject or business context.


18 Subject Matter Indexes

  • Abbreviations & Acronyms
  • Accounting Terms
  • Dealmaking Terms
  • Finance Terms
  • Health Care Terms
  • Idioms
  • Legal Terms
  • Management Terms
  • Marketing Terms
  • Operations Terms
  • Personal Finance
  • Social Media Terms
  • Sports Metaphors
  • Statistics Terms
  • Strategy Terms
  • Technology Terms
  • US Government Terms
  • Wall Street Terms

ExecuSpeak Dictionary® puts Business English at your fingertips, on your screen, in your pocket or on your bookshelf.

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