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In marketing, the transition from a prospective customer to an actual customer.

Usage: In social marketing, one measure of conversion is when a browser signs up to be on a mailing list.


Loan To Value. The amount of the loan request in relationship to the value of the collateral.

Usage: The maximum LTV the bank was willing to consider was 50%; a $2 million loan needed to be backed by $4 million of collateral.

Top Line

Sales or revenue. Refers to the first line of a profit and loss statement.

Usage: The sales manager was responsible for top line growth.

Fourth and Goal

A success under pressure. From an American football reference to scoring a goal on the fourth down when the alternative is turning over the ball to the competitor.

Usage: It was fourth and goal when the sales team won the contract after a long series of open bids and proposal meetings.

Loan Officer

May 17, 2016


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Person who represents the lender and usually oversees the lending process.

Usage: The loan officer for our mortgage is located in California.

Prepaid Asset

The unused portion of a purchase that will be used over time but is paid for in advance. Also referred to as a prepaid expense.

Usage: Although we pay for our property insurance once a year, each month we reduce the prepaid asset account for 1/12 of the insurance premium and recognize it as an expense.

Start-Up Cost

The cost of a service or item purchased prior to the official start date of the business.

Usage: Advertising for your business opening is a start-up cost.

Affiliate Transactions

Business activity between two or more business entities that are controlled, owned by, or managed by a single parent corporation. Ownership of 5% or more generally triggers affiliate transaction considerations.

Usage: Sometimes affiliate transactions are governed by special laws or accounting rules.


End Of Day. Usually 11:59 pm.

Usage: EOD may refer to different times, depending on the time zone or the company.


May 10, 2016


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Walls that come to a point at their intersection with the ridge of two sloping roof planes.

Usage: The multiple gables on this house give it a unique presence on the street.