Market Analysis

An evaluation of the customers, competitors, technology, corporate strengths, and capability for a specific product or service.

Usage: The market analysis indicated that there would be buyers for the new product.


Subject Matter Expert. Pronounced smee. An individual who has a great deal of knowledge on a specific subject. Frequently pronounced smee.

Usage: In order to learn more they needed to consult with a few SMEs.

Leading Edge

Technology that is at the forefront of improvements and advances. From a reference to sailing; the leading edge is the portion of the sail that faces the wind.

Usage: As new and smaller equipment is becoming available at a rapid pace, it is difficult to stay on the leading edge.

Point of Sale

Jul 19, 2016


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The location where the customer is actually paying for the product. Abbreviated as POS.

Usage: A cash register is one type of POS terminal.


The financial or numerical data that describes what happened in the past. Compares to the budget.

Usage: The manager looked at the budget vs. actuals report that was published at the end of each quarter.

Trade Secret

A practice, formula, or process that is specific to a company and results in a competitive advantage. May be a form of intellectual property that cannot be patented.

Usage: Coca-Cola’s formula for its beverage is a classic example of a trade secret.


The hashmark symbol in front a topic that allows for Internet search on that specified topic.

Usage: The hashtag #carolheiberger will help you find Twitter messages from the author of the ExecuSpeak Dictionary.


Investor or commentator who thinks that market value will go up. Optimist. Opposite of a bear.

Usage: The Wall Street bull thought that the trends were good for the investment community.

Strategic Incompetence

Jul 12, 2016


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Not getting the job done right — on purpose.

Usage: Because of his strategic incompetence, he was never asked to make the coffee again.



The economic value of a business beyond its revenues and profits. Might be an estimate of what the business would be worth if sold.

Usage: Although revenues were $30M per year, the investment bankers determined that the business valuation was $60M.