The practice of adding location-based information to tweets or photos so that mobile users can find businesses and photographers can specify the location of a photograph.

Usage: The geotagging program added Google Map info, along with date and time, to the photos.

CPM (Cost per Thousand)

Cost Per M (thousand) views or impressions. A measure of the cost of advertising that makes it easier to compare program.

Usage: The CPM for a magazine ad is the cost of the ad divided by the number of readers times 1,000.

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Strategic Incompetence

Sep 27, 2014


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Not getting the job done right — on purpose.



A document, either electronic or paper, or outcome that has been promised to a customer or client. May be contractually specified in terms of both time and content.

Usage: The consultant agreed that the deliverable would be available on Friday.

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Buyer’s Market

Market conditions that favor the buyer.

Usage: Due to the recession it is a buyer’s market and prices are substantially reduced.


Peel the Onion

Sep 24, 2014


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Peel the Onion - business english vocabulary


Examine each layer of an issue’s complexity. (Onions have many layers.)

Bounce Rate

On a website, the number of “hits” that come and go; visitors see the site, realize they made a mistake, and leave.

Usage: If the bounce rate is low it means that people are going to the site with purpose.

Pass the Buck

Sep 22, 2014


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To claim that someone else is responsible in order to avoid responsibility.



Estimate as to how much a person can afford in order to purchase a home.


Sep 16, 2014


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Measurements and measurement systems used to evaluate individual or company performance.