The ExecuSpeak Dictionary Team

Carol Heiberger

Author, Editor, and Founder

Carl Heiberger (Author, Editor, and Founder)
Carol Heiberger is the author of the original ExecuSpeak Dictionary® books and apps. She has done in-depth research in the fields of linguistics, language acquisition, and neuroscience to identify the actionable information on how adults learn.  She has parlayed her Wharton MBA, consulting and project management experience to create 21st century knowledge transfer and language learning business tools.

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Timothy Butts

Business Development

Timothy E Butts (Business Development)

Timothy Butts Sr., MSIS, DPRC, PM, CPHIT is an accomplished leader in business, healthcare, and information technology with over 25 years working in high tech, educational institutions and healthcare organizations.  He has proven expertise in helping clients in analysis and assessment of business process plus the effective adoption of technology for real world solutions.

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Andrea Wentzell

Desktop Publisher

Andrea Wentzell (Desktop Publisher)
As the desktop publisher for ExecuSpeak Dictionary Andrea manages the website, formats the dictionaries, and does much more behind the scenes. She has a BS ​in Communications and Technology from Chestnut Hill College, and is currently at La Salle University earning her MA in Professional and Business Communications.

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Robert Toryak


Robert Toryak (Author)
Robert Toryak is the author of Business English for Zoning and Real Estate and Business English for Residental Real Estate. His experience includes roles as financial advisor, developer, landlord, and tenant in the public and private sectors. His background spans 30 years as both a Fortune 100 executive and an entrepreneur.

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Rose Alice Hoerst

Copy Editor and Proofreader

Rose Alice Hoerst has more than 40 years’ experience as a newspaper reporter and editor. She has written about or edited stories ranging from fund-raising galas to murder trials.

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App Developers

Van and his team at Montazze (App & Creative) are the genius programmers behind the three ExecuSpeak Dictionary Apps. The company specializes in UI/UX design, web app development, and game development.

Amy Bond, Bondepus

Graphic Designer