About ExecuSpeak Dictionary

ExecuSpeak Dictionary…
your key to understanding and using the Language of Business.

  • ExecuSpeak Dictionary® was created to make it easier understand and use the language of business
  • Our format takes advantage of how people learn language. Our proprietary formula is based on proven principles of language acquisition.
  • Our business processes– a combination of text analysis software and a handpicked team of editors– create custom glossaries from your electronic documents.
  • Your dictionaries and glossaries will be delivered in a variety of paper and electronic formats to simplify distribution, support changing applications, and maximize the benefits.

Our approach works for professionals entering a new industry, new hires, staff and field, customers and clients or patients, domestic and international employees, and seasoned professionals who need to communicate with a wide variety of stakeholders.

On the Products pages you will find examples of our work. Download a sample chapter, order a book or e-book to examine it for yourself, download the app to try it out. Don’t forget to imagine how wonderful it would be to have your company lingo and jargon at your fingertips!

On the About the Team page you will find information about who we are and who does what.

The Services page describes some of the services that we provide. All projects are customized.