ExecuSpeak Dictionary® was created to help everyone understand and use the language of business. We define complex business terms in an easy to read and easy to understand manner that takes advantage of how people learn language. Regardless of reading and speaking proficiency, ExecuSpeak Dictionary® helps users to “get” the meaning of complex business terms.

We approach the language of business as though it were another language… taking advantage of research in linguistics, applied linguistics, language acquisition, and neuroscience.

What makes ExecuSpeak Dictionary® unique:

  • Assumes knowledge on the part of the user
  • Designed for the reader to “drink in” the definition and the usage
  • Serious in intent and purpose but not pedantic
  • Format lends itself to any topic
  • No scrolling required in smartphone formats
  • Each entry includes the term, a plain English definition, used in a sentence
  • Multi-disciplinary approach increases understanding
  • Conforms with the academic research on how people learn language
  • Indexes ease navigation and accelerate learning
  • Your lingo, at your fingertips


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